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Le Philtre


Le Philtre Organic Vodka is 100% natural, organic and without any added sugar. It is produced in France, in Cognac region, using only two quality ingredients: organic soft winter wheat and Gensac ® spring water, known for its great purity. And that's all there is to it. Well, not quite. Our ultimate ingredient is the unique know-how of Maison Villevert, the world-renowned Charentaise distillery. Tested under blind conditions among a circle of amateurs, Le Philtre Organic Vodka has won over even the most maniacal Vodka connoisseurs.

Corajito Café con Licor clásico

Corajito was born from a passion for good coffee and the desire to praise the “sobremesa.” Our elixir is a unique blend of digestif liqueurs and high altitude, cold brewed, organic coffee, brought to your table through fair trade.
Corajito embodies the Mexican tradition of the “carajillo” and the “cafecito,” as a tribute to the good times shared with our loved ones.
Drink Corajito shaken on the rocks and pair it with a good chat!
Notes of citrus, café, vanilla and cocoa.
Available for delivery or pick-up at Edgar's Flavors. Pick-up date and time are arranged by email after purchase.

Negroni Trio Kit

La Dama Tequila blanco (organic) — Campari infused with cocoa beans Edgar’s Vermouth blend — Savoury perfume
Campari Bitter — Sweet Vermouth Koch Espadin Mezcal — Cumin
Palo Santo infused Tanqueray 10 — Campari Amaro S. Maria Al Monte — Andrei’s Vermouth Blend Burlesque and chocolate bitters
  250ml serves 2 cocktails. Available for delivery or pick-up at Edgar’s Flavors. Pick-up date and time are arranged by email after purchase.