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Corte vetusto espadín


Corte Vetusto Espadín is handmade by fourth generation maestro mezcalero Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz using mature agave Espadín. This joven mezcal is distilled to proof at 45% ABV. This mezcal is crushed with a tahona and then naturally fermented. Two distillations are done in a 250 liter copper pot. This mezcal was an International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017 Gold Outstanding & Mezcal Trophy winner.

Corte Vetusto mezcal is hand-crafted by Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz, a Zapotec Maestro Mezcalero. The art of mezcal making was passed down through the generations since his great grandfather, Don Mauro. The name of the brand Corte Vetusto means "the ancient cut" and comes from an old story about a master mezcalero's desire to create a cut of mezcal so divine that it invokes the spirit of generations before him. That sacred distillation of earth, fire and history is the Corte Vetusto.

Curado Tequila Espadin


100% Blue Weber agave is at the heart of this blanco Tequila from the Curado range. To make it unique, locally harvested espadín agave has been traditionally cooked and then transported to La Alteña distillery, where it is infused in the Tequila for a minimum of five days to impart its flavour. The bottle decoration reflects the region where the espadín agave was harvested, with this striking jaguar representing Oaxaca.

Fortaleza still strength


For years, the only way to sample this was to visit the distillery in Tequila, Jalisco. Until now. Double distilled in copper pot stills to 46% ABV, blanco in its purest form. Aromas of fruit, baked fully-ripened agave, green olive, and earth are invitingly present. Slightly brighter and a touch more rustic than the regular blanco, the accents of butter, olive, earth, black pepper, and vegetal qualities in the flavor are enhanced, because it comes straight from the still, without adding water for bottling.

Grand Sotol Seis14

Sotol is made from the desert plants Dasylirion wheeleri and Dasylirion texanum, which are harvested in the wild. While these plants look like agave and are sometimes classified that way, they are actually part of the asparagus family of plants. This liquor is most closely associated with the Mexican states Chihuahua, Durango and Coahuila, although there are now distillers in Texas producing sotol. Sotol captures the unique desert terroir of the region, and it’s known for its sweet and smoky flavors. 614 actually refers to the area code of Aldama in Chihuahua, where this fine Sotol was handcrafted in small batches! The story behind the label comes from the Tarahumaras, a native Indian tribe from northern Mexico, and their reinterpreted symbol of infinity. This Sotol is made 100% from Dasylirion Texanum , and has a unique taste brought to us by the lengendary Carlos Aragón Herrera. Double distilled in arabic copper alembic.
Amazing sipped on its own, or mixed in a cocktail.

Koch Ancestral (olla de barro)


Koch en Olla de Barra is made with agave Espadín. The difference between this mezcal and Koch’s other Espadín is the cooking and distillation method, where this mezcal is distilled in small clay pots. This mezcal is made by Alberto Vasquez in Sola de Vega. It has sweet, fruity tones with a slight taste of coconut, followed by tones of herbs and spices. Another edition bottled by Koch is produced by mezcal Israel Palestino in Jayacatlán, Oaxaca.

Koch arroqueño


Koch Arroqueño is made with wild maguey Arroqueño (agave Americana). Typically, this agave can take up to 20 years to mature, before it is pit roasted in a traditional fashion. Given the length of time needed to grow this elegant agave, sustainability of Arroqueno has become a big issue. The Koch Arroqueño is made by Adrian Bautista in Rio de Ejutla, Oaxaca.

This mezcal has high fruity notes with hints of earth and herbs, clay, and smoke.

Carlos Moreno's family has been linked to mezcal since the beginning of the 20th century. In 2009, Carlos resumed the family tradition and teamed up with 5th generation maestro mezcalero Pedro Hernandez to create Koch El Mezcal de Oaxaca, with the goal of preserving and promoting mezcal culture. After 10 years of business, they've now integrated more than 15 communities and 50 producing families into their collective. Each batch will vary, so check your bottle for details.

Seis14 Gintol

A new dimension to your classic Gin.
It is a Sotol made 100% from Dasylirion Wheeleri, with a Gin Blend, made with 100% Mexican ingredients, including the junniper berries.
It will remind you of a Gin, with a kick of Sotol flavors. A unique experience in terms of tasting.
A perfect replacement, and an upgrade to your regular Gin and Tonic, try Gintol/Tonic with a slice of grapefruit or mexican lime .
This award winning spirit is a must try !

La Dama Tequila

La Dama is the biggest organic blue agave grower in the world. It represents a paradigm shift in the present and future of tequila. The agricultural and production processes are based on the revolutionary ideas of our Mexican ancestors.
  Available for delivery or pick-up at Edgar's Flavors. Pick-up date and time are arranged by email after purchase. Alcohol Volume: 40% Alc.Vol – 80 proof Raw Material: 100% Agave Tequilana Weber Sustainability: La Dama prioritizes and acknowledges agave as the most important ingredient of tequila making. The only way of creating sustainability for the future is finding balance between the endemic ecosystems we share with Mother Earth to produce our beloved spirit; we believe this should be the norm if we want upcoming generations to have the possibility of also enjoying our ancient spirit: - Organic certified - Agave grown in single state ranches that study, monitor and preserve flora and wildlife by our botanical team for a minimum of 7 years. - Biodynamic principles of agriculture taught by Rudolph Steiner are in place on every La Dama ranch. - Agricultural plan devised to prevent erosion - No chemically made product was ever used - Non-GMO - Maximum preservation of natural water cycle - Wasted agave fibers used to create bottle labels and paper with local artisans Process: - Cooked inside traditional Masonry Ovens for 72 hours - Fermented with endemic yeast - Double Distilled Type: Silver Tequila Aroma: Cooked agave, citric herbs, wild guava fruit, lingering spice notes Taste: Fruity, herbal, caramelized agave, hints of chocolate with soft, creamy, smooth texture. Bottle: Handmade, artisanal, Recycled Hand Blown Glass Net Content: 700 ML Country of Origin: Mexico, Location of State: Mezcala de los Romero, Jalisco Name of organic ranch: Potrerillos

La Reina Raicilla Blanco


‘La Reina’ Raicilla – is a wild Agave Maximiliana spirit produced in the forests of Western Jalisco, approximately 4800 feet above sea level.  This tequila has been produced by one single family for more than 105 years, passing the knowledge and traditions through generations.

'La Reina’ Raicilla Blanco is 100% Artisanal, it has double  distillation, 42 alc. by vol / 84 proof ; the special edition has 53% alc. by vol.

Available for delivery or pick-up at Edgar's Flavors. Pick-up date and time are arranged by email after purchase. Process:
  • The agave Piñas are cooked in a clay oven and mashed by hand in wood trunks.
  • Fermentation takes place in open air wood tanks. Distillation is done in stainless steel with copper coil stills.

'La Raina' participates in 3 unique sustainable programs:

1) Planta una Reina : Every year in May, with the help of a volunteers group, the producers plan 10,000 agaves. Planting an agave today will yield your Reina in 8 years. 

2) Sonrisas de Papel (paper smiles) : A new project launched in 2020, using the bagazo (remaining fiber pulp) of the cooked and mashed agave, we are working with the government of Jalisco to create a small manual production to create agave paper, that will create job opportunities for women and increase local income from tourism.

3) Taberna ‘La Reina’ is the magical place, where ‘La Reina’ is made, in which we are developing tours so that visitors can live the experience, learn about the process and meet the family.

Xila Licor de Agave


Xila (pronounced SHila) — meaning “woman” in Zapotec — is a unique recipe perfected by Mexican women, in a distillery run by strong, powerful women.

A unique agave Liquor made with Mezcal Espadín, defined by 7 notes : Ancho Chile, Hibiscus, caramelized pineapple, cinnamon, lavender, clove, and black pepper.

It is infused for 7 days, rested for 7 days and filtered for 7 days, using an espadín that takes 7 years to grow to full maturity.

Perfect neat, over ice, or in a cocktail, with only 20 % ABV.

Xila has twice less sugar than another regular liqueur.

  Available for delivery or pick-up at Edgar's Flavors. Pick-up date and time are arranged by email after purchase.

Edgar’s Special

Negroni type cocktail, infused with an authentic Amethyst Gem
La Dama Tequila // Suze
Edgar's vermouth blend // Suze orange bitters
Palo santo // Amethyst gem
250ml serves 2 cocktails. Available for delivery or pick-up at Edgar's Flavors. Pick-up date and time are arranged by email after purchase.

Negroni Trio Kit

La Dama Tequila blanco (organic) — Campari infused with cocoa beans Edgar’s Vermouth blend — Savoury perfume
Campari Bitter — Sweet Vermouth Koch Espadin Mezcal — Cumin
Palo Santo infused Tanqueray 10 — Campari Amaro S. Maria Al Monte — Andrei’s Vermouth Blend Burlesque and chocolate bitters
  250ml serves 2 cocktails. Available for delivery or pick-up at Edgar’s Flavors. Pick-up date and time are arranged by email after purchase.